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John and Barbara were able to save over $160/month.
Using the Enphase solar system, John and Barbara were able to take advantage of 65% savings on their power bill, easier installation, improved flexibility, and increased safety and reliability.
BuildSolar made things simple.
We were spending over $100 a month for electricity and much more in the summer.  When I saw solar panels begin to go up on homes in my neighborhood, I looked into solar for our home but was quickly overwhelmed by the complexity.  Then, I found BuildSolar.org and spent fifteen minutes on the phone with Jack. He cleared up my confusion, explained the process, and helped us get a solar system installed in weeks.  We’ve cut our electrical bill in half and are thrilled to see our entire neighborhood upgrading to solar as well.
Client: Hallwachs Residence
Location: San Diego, CA
System generated energy for 20-30% lower costs each month
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At Enphase, we strive to make clean energy simple, reliable, and accessible to all. We’ve driven innovation in solar technology for 10 years and counting.

Using BuildZoom is just like asking a neighbor for a recommendation - except instead of just asking one, you are polling every neighbor in your community, analyzing their feedback, exhaustively researching work histories and credentials and only then, making a final decision.